Learn from the Best - Meet Your Instructors

Jon Davidson - Starting out as a top-tier graduate of the Professional Development Program with Merrill-Lynch in Princeton, Jon went on to a 16-year career in the full-service brokerage industry. He received top rankings as a hedge fund manager with Citigroup/Smith Barney. For the past five years, Jon has been sharing his knowledge of the markets and options trading in particular as a financial trainer.

PLUS! Jon Will Be Joined by One of These Outstanding Guest Trainers from Investor's Business Daily®

Tim Reazor - Tim is the Director of Investment Business Daily's Education Outreach Program, which develops relationships with numerous brokerage firms as well as students interested in stock and options education. Tim also oversees a program that consists of stock research groups from around the world that meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge, ideas, and strategies.
Harold Morris - Harold is a National Education Speaker for Investor's Business Daily. He has been trading stocks using the CAN SLIM® strategy since 1998. The CAN SLIM System was developed by IBD Founder William J. O'Neil. The name CAN SLIM is an acronym for seven key analytics that investors should study before entering a trade. Since coming to Investor's Business Daily in April of 2002, Harold has been involved in all aspects of IBD's CAN SLIM Workshops.
Eddie Ramirez - Active in the stock market since 2004, Eddie is a proficient investor using Investor's Business Daily's CAN SLIM® System. In addition, Eddie is also a Senior Product Trainer and National Speaker for Investor's Business Daily. When not actively trading, Eddie presents investing workshops and seminars to both professional and non-professional investors, guiding them in researching and spotting emerging growth stocks that meet the CAN SLIM criteria.